Gas Detector Suppliers

Taheri Enterprises is one of the preeminent Gas Detector Manufacturers In Mumbai. These gas detectors are often used as a part of a safety system to detect the presence of a particular gas or different gases in an area. The precision of these detectors is essential to identify potential hazardous gas leaks. If the presence of a gas is beyond certain levels, an alarm is set off to alert the people around. Industrial facilities where gas is used for a variety of purposes are often equipped with these detectors to ensure the safety of the people as well as the machinery. Whether you need a Flammable Gas Detector or a Portable Multi-Gas Detector, we can provide it to you.

Salient Features Of Our Gas Detectors:

  • Easy operation and one-button simplicity
  • Continuous LCD to show real-time gas concentrations to keep you alert at all times
  • Water resistant and highly durable
  • Slim, portable and easy to carry to provide affordable protection from atmospheric gas hazards

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Our company is established as one of the distinguished Portable Oxygen Gas Detector Exporters and Suppliers In India. We are also recognized as a dependable distributor, trader and wholesaler of Underground Warning Tape. Contact us right now to place your order and, we will deliver the product to your facility in no time.