Flange Guards Suppliers

Flange guards are used in a variety of industries. They are used primarily for preventing the harmful mist formation or spray-outs of corrosive liquids such as acid, steam or oil from damaged or failed joints of the pipe. Notable among the foremost Flange Guards Manufacturers In Mumbai, Taheri Enterprises provides world-class flange guards at highly affordable prices. These belt type shields take less than a minute to secure flange joints. The sheer convenience and ease have made them highly popular for fixing leaking flange joints. Innovative multi-grip extensions and smart pressure diffuser make these flange guards highly suitable for several applications.

Choose Our Flange Guards For:

  • Preventing Spray-Outs - Even low-pressure leakages can result in spray-outs and cause damage. These flange guards prevent that from happening.
  • Avoid Oil Mist Formation - Oil and fuel applications can result in mist formation. These guards prevent that too.
  • Leak Indication - It is important to identify and fix leaks as soon as possible. Transparent shielding can help in such cases.

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We are one of the top-tier SS Flange Guard Exporters and Suppliers In India. We are also a distributor, wholesaler and trader for a variety of flange guards ranging from PP Flange Guards to HDPE Flange Guards, etc . Place your order right now.